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h3 RC Boldt steps outside the typical and delivers an exceptional, original and emotional contemporary romance.USA Today HEA BlogThe biggest story of her life is the one he wants to hide.Im homeless by choice.I have no intention of returning to my former life after what Ive done.Thisliving among the filth and discarded remnants of othersis what I deserve.As atonement for my sins, I give back I help those who cannot help themselves But its always under the guise of anonymity.Newspaper headlines throughout the city are clamoring to discover my identity Including the beautiful woman who manages to see through my armor.She has the capability to put my entire life at risk....

Title : The Good Samaritan (English Edition)
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Format Type : Audio Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : RC Boldt Publishing, LLC 18 September 2018
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The Good Samaritan (English Edition) Reviews

  • Liv
    2019-05-08 10:05

    I was amazed and slightly overwhelmed by this. Although this was fiction, I strongly believe that good people like Jude or Father James exist in our world.I love stories with a meaning and this one had a beautiful message. Our world would be so much better when people judged less and helped more.It's not just about giving to others though, but also about having faith and trust in the people who love you, that they catch you when you fall.This book had me in tears quite a lot, especially the scenes that were laden with heavy emotions hit me out of nowhere, but this story was also inspiring and somehow hopeful.The romance may have come a bit short but it didn't lessen the quality of this well written story. The characters weren't free of self-doubt but very modest, slightly stubborn, yet wonderful individuals. Both had secrets which made them cautious around other people in fear of being revealed, but at the same time made them more aware of the other person's aloofness. I liked that the heroin was saved by the hero at first but turned the tables later on, so she wasn't the usual damsel in distress. Jude and Faith gave each other the comfort they didn't know they were craving.Fear not, despite my mentioning of the shortage of romance, there were some very hot scenes which will have you fanning yourself! The build-up of tension was heightened by the fact that the characters weren't all over each other from the beginning, which made the spark between them break out into an inferno when it finally happened.The secondary characters made the book even better, if that's at all possible. Father James and his advice, he just always knew the right things to say, as well as a certain someone from a previous book I was happy to see again.Jude was more than just selfless, he was the most altruistic person although he’s homeless, living on the streets, and even gave others the little he had left when he felt like they needed it more than him. But that's not all. There were all kinds of people in need and he was not one to think twice about helping in any way possible, even while he relied on help himself. Jude's a wonderful person and so good at heart although he didn't think so of himself because there's a reason why he chose to live this way. Life has dealt him a bad hand and he believed he's at fault and had to endure penance for it. Yet, he was still too prideful and stubborn for his own good.I highly recommend this story which was the cure of my latest book hangover. I’m sure it will touch a lot of hearts.

  • Old Dave's Romance Revue
    2019-05-02 11:04

    The titular character in The Good Samaritan, who comes to be known as Jude dwells in the shadows. Not always literally, but, as just another homeless person, he's not one to attract attention and most people, if they notice him at all, quickly pass on, quickly forgetting yet another unremarkable one of “them”.He prefers it that way. He doesn't want attention. Doesn't want to be noticed. Doesn't want any recognition or reward for the many little acts of kindness and heroism he's able to perform from the shadows. That's not part of the plan. He simply has a debt to repay, but after five years, people have started noticing.Faith, is the reporter tasked with uncovering the identity of the elusive Samaritan, but she likewise has a secret to protect.I have to admit that I was intrigued by both the title and the cover of this book, but having skipped the blurb, and getting stuck right in, by the second chapter I was convinced that this book would, at the very least be unique, and my suspicion was that it would be so in a good way.It really is.R.C. Boldt has crafted a story that showcases a variety of well fleshed out characters, who interact to unveil a story that is perfectly bittersweet. Where every small victory is accompanied by it's own corresponding sadness, and where, I for one, not only couldn't tell where the story was about to go next, but don't think I could have put into words where I wanted it to go.One might think that the level of aching despondency would make this a depressing read, yet alongside the ever present sense of despair, there are characters and situations that spark, and in turn, fan the flames of hope, that sooner or later, there might be a tomorrow that shines brighter than today.From moment to moment as I read I'd be first on the verge of tears at the aching poignancy with which the plight of the less fortunate is depicted, only to have my heart warmed at the beauty with which the better side of the human spirit I portrayed.Simply incredible. Like, I'm writing this review at 5am after finishing reading at 4:30am kind of incredible. Now, maybe I'll get some sleep … or maybe I'll quickly see what else she's written.

  • Danielle R (Spellbound Stories)
    2019-04-25 09:45

    Authors all have their own style of writing, and these styles are a unique signature of sorts. As a blogger I am truly blessed to come across a huge range of styles and coincidentally, it was through my blogging that I found R.C. Boldt. At the time I got that first advanced review copy, I had a ton of books in my kindle library that I had never even read and had therefore already purchased a previously released book by her. So, but that first ARC set the stage for my obsession with R.C. Boldt’s work and now I not only one-click a copy from Amazon on release day, but I also try to purchase them all as signed paperbacks to keep on my bookshelf. I love her brand of romance. R.C. Boldt is a talented storyteller whose style is constantly evolving. She writes sweeter and sexy rom-coms like a pro… but she also offers readers books that are a little soberer, more angsty and still sinfully sexy. I haven’t yet to find a book that she’s written that I would say was less then fantastic. After getting my hands on an early version of The Good Samaritan in June, I was moved by this inspirational story that reminded me just how versatile and skilled an author she in. And I can promise you, if I wasn’t already well versed in the art of social media stalking, R.C. Boldt would have been my next target… but by now, she’s used to seeing a lot of me! 😉 When I saw she had a new book releasing, I jumped all over the chance to read it. Heck, I preordered the paperback version to get my hands on it early! The Good Samaritan was truly phenomenal writing.This story centers around a man who gives everything up in order to atone for what he considers his sins. As the story develops, you see one man’s kindness spreading throughout a city and that city begins to take notice of the mysterious Good Samaritan. Reporter Faith Connors is assigned to the story of this do-gooder as her boss believes that the Good Samaritan is a farce. And in her quest to discover the truth of the good Samaritan, Faith encounters Jude, a homeless man whose kindness shines through him. the pair form an unlikely friendship which evolves into a beautiful love that’s deep and true. Soon, Faith no longer wants to pursue the story she’s been assigned as all signs point to the good Samaritan being everything the testimonials proclaim he is.The Good Samaritan is a contemporary romance that I found unique and thought-provoking. It’s a story that teaches empathy, of being judgement free, and above all else the importance of kindness towards strangers. Long after I finished reading the book for the second time, provocative thoughts ran thoughts my mind rapidly. What would our world be like if we lived a simpler life? Or spent more time helping others? What if those people who experienced kindness ‘paid it forward’? A single kindness towards another can cause huge ripple effects in society--I’ve experienced this for myself--and I not only strive to live by the ‘paying it forward’ mentality but I work diligently to teach this message to my kids. Therefore, the fact that R.C. Boldt wrote an entire story around a man that made this his mission in life was very powerful. Jude was an impressive hero who absolutely captured my heart. Faith was also a beautiful soul, who learned that she could fight negativity with her talents as a reporter. The sexy chemistry between the pair was heightened by their friendship. I found myself in tears twice while reading this story and I don’t cry easy. Oh, and I loved the grand gesture in this story—but that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Get your hands on a copy of The Good Samaritan at the earliest opportunity. If your new to R.C. Boldt, I am sure that you will be one-clicking more of her work as soon as you’ve finished this one. However, if you’ve read her work in the past, you already know the gems that she releases. Either way, you can not go wrong with this book! Jude’s story needed to be told… and I can’t think of a single thing R.C. Boldt could have done to improve upon it.