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On a mission to share with others the thrill of finishing IRONMAN Switzerland, Tiffany worked with 40 female IRONMAN finishers to compile Ironwomen This book contains funny, emotional rich athletes overcame fears and failures, how they delighted in their strengths and success and how they all emerged as stronger, courageous women One Zrich participant wrote, I do believe, that now, I can achieve anything I put my mind to It explores why anyone might undertake this grand challenge and in one chapter, gives the reader the chance to look deeper into her own character The book examines the Ironwomens vastly different motivations from the survey Almost everyone thought I was nuts when I said I wanted to do an IRONMAN that challenged me even , and I read that full distance triathletes are highly insecure, always seeking approval.I asked fellow IRONMAN triathletes, they all agreed we are just continually striving to be better individuals.It documents their hurdles, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago and I wanted to see if I could pull off an IRONMAN, and their coping strategies,Dont be scared of failing, I have learned from my DNFs Did Not Finish than my PBs Personal Bests The book is divided into two parts The first part is Tiffanys journey It starts in Duluth, Minnesota, 25 years ago with a half marathon.Since then, Tiffany has run than 35 half marathons, 12 marathons, 1 mountain marathon and has finished 3 half distance triathlons, placing first in her age group in 2015 She has swum 3 long distance open water challenges and after IRONMAN Switzerland in 2013, completed Challenge Roth, another long distance triathlon, in 2015.She is currently training for her 13th marathon and her first ultra marathon, 50 km, in May 2018.Alongside her training and writing she has raised 4 children 26, 23, 21 rich tri sisters Answering the survey questions like How has participating in IRONMAN Switzerland changed your life or How did you keep motivated during the training period or Specify any fears obstacles you experienced during the actual race and how you over came them.These wonderful women share a mountain of invaluable information Their knowledge, experience and insights make fascinating reading and they generate 100 s of new and entertaining tips like, Go heavy partying and then run for two hours the next morning, this awful feeling comes close to how you will feel during the run part of an ultra distance triathlon Plan your finishing photo, you don t want to share your crossing the line moment with anyone else, let him her pass and then take all the glory as if you won or Don t worry about how heavy your bike is, lose weight instead, it is cheaper.The information is relevant not just to a triathlete but to anyone interested in undertaking a mighty challenge IRONWOMEN is a book about women, by women, for women.There are 60 professional photos in the book.On reading it one woman wrote I admire Tiffany hugelyI was bowled over by what she has achieved If anyone can convey the passion for training it will be her She writes well and you can sense her commitment and dedication fizzing off the page....

Title : IRONWOMEN: Tiffany & 40 female IRONMAN (Switzerland & UK) finishers share their emotional, entertaining & inspiring Ironwomen journeys (English Edition)
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IRONWOMEN: Tiffany & 40 female IRONMAN (Switzerland & UK) finishers share their emotional, entertaining & inspiring Ironwomen journeys (English Edition) Reviews

  • Esther Sticher
    2019-04-15 12:21

    Ein Ziel setzen (das ist der erste Sieg), loslegen ohne die perfekte Ausrüstung, mit Freundinnen trainieren, hart daran arbeiten, Trainingspläne und wie man deren Umsetzung anpasst, Unterstützung suchen und annehmen, mit Ängsten umgehen (zum Beispiel beim Schwimmen im aufgewühltem Meer), Misserfolge in Lehrstücke integrieren, Spass haben, ... Als Bonus gibt es zu jedem Kapitel je einen Gold-, Silber- und Bronze-Tipp.Weit motivierender und nützlicher als ein Buch eines erfolgreichen Triathlon-Profis ist dieser Einblick in die Welt der Tri-Sisters. Auch in viele andere Aspekte des Lebens übertragbar.

  • Kindle-Kunde
    2019-04-11 13:33

    This book is a lot more than just a practical guide. The author easily combines practical tips with her own inspirational journey.Once you start reading you do not want to put the book down and you might even start to consider doing a triathlon yourself.....The book is also a great read when you are not interested in doing a triathlon yourself. It is for everybody who wants to learn about determination, focus, and achieving things you thought you were not capable of.It leaves you in awe of the author. Wanting to be her.....

  • Nadine
    2019-03-28 14:37

    Great book about Tiffany‘s journey to become an Ironwoman: Authentic, honest and quite entertaining. And there is plenty to learn from the feedback of other female triathletes which Tiffany collected and presents in an interesting and easy to read fashion.

  • E. Marksteiner
    2019-04-10 09:35

    If you've ever wondered how or why people achieve what you think is impossible, read this. You don't have to be an Ironman/woman to learn from the lessons of motivation, perseverance, and living well.If you think your best days are behind you, and you're too old to start something, this makes you pack your excuses and begin.My favourite part of this book is Tiffany's story. But this isn't just a training journal, it's her personal life story, from the death of her father aged just 17 to the loss of her twins when 6 months pregnant, from the UK to the Netherlands, to the US, Spain, and Switzerland. It's about finding strength within you and making the most of each day.And for those of you who are serious athletes, or dream of moving up from 5K to a half marathon or more, or for those who are thinking of a tri, or how to prepare for an ironman, the latter part of this book is packed with top tips from dozens of female athletes who've been there and done that.What I really like about this is the fact that it acknowledges our humanity. You may have a plan, but when life throws you a bag of lemons, you better know how to make lemonade. Acknowledging your weaknesses and overcoming them or adapting to them is the key to having it all according to Tiffany.On a personal note, I’ve known Tiffany since she moved to Switzerland and always wondered how she does it all. Now I know: a combination of planning with a clear goal in mind, continual improvement, and learning to be kind to yourself. We can all learn from that...An inspiring story from an inspiring woman.

  • Ghislaine bvp
    2019-03-27 10:24

    Truly amazing! A remarkable journey!