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David Mearns has discovered some of the world s most fascinating and elusive shipwrecks From the mighty battlecruiser HMS Hood to the crumbling wooden skeletons of Vasco da Gama s 16th century fleet, David has searched for and found dozens of sunken vessels in every ocean of the world.The Shipwreck Hunter is an account of David s most intriguing and fascinating finds It details both the meticulous research and the mid ocean stamina and courage required to find a wreck miles beneath the sea, as well as the moving human stories that lie behind each of these oceanic tragedies.Combining the derring do of Indiana Jones with the precision of a surgeon, in The Shipwreck Hunter David Mearns opens a porthole into the shadowy depths of the ocean....

Title : The Shipwreck Hunter: A lifetime of extraordinary deep-sea discoveries (English Edition)
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The Shipwreck Hunter: A lifetime of extraordinary deep-sea discoveries (English Edition) Reviews

  • Aiakos Enkel
    2019-04-23 04:38

    Definitely a 'must read' for everyone who is interested in shipwrecks. The author describes with extreme precision and passion various discoveries of legendary shipwrecks.

  • Brock Cousteau
    2019-05-09 02:27

    Every shipwreck has a story. Extracting that story (or multiple stories) requires a combination of art and science. Discovering the human stories associated with each shipwreck requires someone with a generous heart, an empathetic soul, and the research skills of a master librarian.It might be safe to say that the vast majority of Australians have heard the name, David L. Mearns. His discovery of two historically significant, and culturally divisive shipwrecks has made that entire island nation proud, to say the least. He was awarded a very high government honor in 2010, the honorary Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for these discoveries. This is a very big deal, seeing as David L. Mearns is an American living in the UK. Honors such as the OAM are only very occasionally awarded to non-Aussies. He has also been awarded a Maritime Fellowship Award due to his contribution to having major changes made to shipbuilding practices that might save hundreds upon hundreds of sailors' lives over the years. In short, David has made several major contributions to the betterment of our world.In The Shipwreck Hunter, David L. Mearns has successfully captured accurate glimpses into the life of a deepwater ocean surveyor. I say this because I count myself among the very lucky few who work in this particular realm of science and exploration. I am acquainted with several people mentioned in this book as well as Mr. Mearns himself. Our industry offshore is such a small world, we basically all know one another, either directly or through reputation. David L. Mearns has not compensated me in any way, shape or form for this review.The main thrust of this book is not actually the shipwrecks themselves. Most every shipwreck has multiple human tragedies to tell. This book offers the reader a chance to step into the internal thought processes and emotional roller-coaster rides that have comprised a most amazing career of discovering "forever lost" shipwrecks as only David L. Mearns can relate. The reader becomes a shipwreck-hunting sleuth right alongside Mr. Mearns as he explains the rationale behind his methods in a very relatable manner. One feels that they, too, can be a shipwreck hunter as they read this book and learn to step into the shoes of a long-lost sailor right along with David.What Mr. Mearns presents to the reader is a continuous theme of human drama directly associated with now lifeless wrecks supposedly lost forever at the bottom of "Davey Jones' locker." That these seemingly insignificant debris fields can generate such human emotion as to alter the mood and spirits of an entire nation is no small matter lost on Mr. Mearns. His discoveries have literally brought entire township-sized crowds of grown adults to happy tears simultaneously across an entire island nation ... on more than one occasion.The hubris and folly of man or his sheer bad luck, which originally put the subject shipwrecks into jeopardy, is aptly depicted by Mr. Mearns due to his extremely thorough research. It is sometimes difficult to believe that such intimate knowledge of individuals long-since dead, or of the condition of a piece of equipment before it left dock some decades ago, can still be discovered, but Mr. Mearns takes the reader into his confidence and shows his due diligence when researching the character of a long-dead seaman or witness, or a critical piece of physical evidence.David's tenacity in his research, his solid science background, combined with his amiable, empathetic character, has allowed him to accomplish what no other shipwreck hunter has been able to accomplish before. The repeatability of his successes is a testament to his methodology and ability to accurately assess source material. He makes shipwreck hunting look easy, which I know for a fact is not the case.Like Mr. Mearns himself, I am no hero-worshipper. But I have more than simple respect for the body of work that he has been responsible for to date. His accomplishments in tying these deep, emotionless, lifeless shipwrecks to timeless human tragedy within this book is a timeless lesson in humility. How easy it is to disregard the human sacrifice represented in these preserved treasures.David is truly a leader in the field that has chosen him. I look forward to reading more of his future exploits and of those he has inspired to follow in his footsteps ... or, more aptly, in his wake.The Shipwreck Hunter is a testament to the courage and fortitude exhibited not only by the hardiest of salty sailors but of their family members who carry with them the memories of their lost loved ones on a daily basis, sometimes for decades.Thank you, David, for helping so many families realize the comfort of finally knowing where their loved ones rest for eternity. And thank you for inspiring a new generation of explorers who will undoubtedly continue this "golden age of shipwreck hunting" with your always respectful, "look but don't touch" philosophy.

  • A.C. Hine
    2019-05-07 03:37

    David Mearns has provided an amazing accounting of shipwreck discovery worldwide extending back to the turn of the 15th to the 16th centuries. His career is simply astounding and the narratives of finding these important and famous wrecks provide a must read for anyone even remotely interested in the perils presented by the oceans to the human history of exploration, commerce, and warfare.What really struck me about this book was not only the important economic and historical context provided by the shipwrecks and the book’s amazing narrative of how to find a wreck from the author’s extensive land-based research to his meticulous sea-based operations, but the humanity Mr. Mearns felt that guided his actions. David Mearns’ strong, “people skills” allowed him to deal effectively with a wide variety of individuals and groups of people in emotionally stressful and highly-charged situations. After all, shipwrecks are generally gravesites. He demonstrated a conscience and a morality that I am sure has endeared him to many. He has that gift of emotional intelligence as well as the rare technical skills to determine where to look for a shipwreck and how to mount a sea-going expedition successfully.In the interest of full disclosure, it was my great pleasure and good fortune to be David Mearns’ major advisor for his MS degree.

  • S.T. SHAER
    2019-04-19 05:25

    A fabulous book that gives us a picture into our past and the critical events that shaped our futures. The stories come from the deep blue waters of the world in which we live. A lovely tribute to all those who came before us and who gave their lives for ours. A must read!

  • Gary Edgar
    2019-04-19 04:18

    An excellent and insightful look at the meticulous planning that goes into looking for the proverbial "needle in a haystack". Definitely worth a read also for the sense of adventure and the thrill of the hunt.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-30 01:15

    Fascinating and well read. A strong sense of the detective work needed before the on the water work started. Hats off to Mr Mearns.