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What do you do when you can t control your feelings for someone When you know you shouldn t go there Not even in your head Annie has never experienced the spark with a guy the kind of instant chemistry that steals your breath and blindsides you completely Until a night out with friends brings her face to face with the wickedly sexy and mysterious Jack It s not just a spark that ignites between them It s an explosion Jack promises to consume Annie, and he fully delivers on that promise.Overwhelmed by the intensity of their one night together, Annie slips out of their hotel room She is certain that a man who s had such a powerful impact on her and who could bend her to his will so easily, must be dangerous But she s already in too deep And Jack isn t only dangerous He is forbidden The latest queen of erotic literature Sunday Times Every kiss, every sexy scene, every word between this pair owned a piece of my soul I could read this book a hundred times and still react as if it was the first time The Protector is a top 2016 fave for me Audrey Carlan, bestselling author of The Calendar Girl series...

Title : The Forbidden (English Edition)
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The Forbidden (English Edition) Reviews

  • Manu-ish
    2019-05-08 09:51

    JEM did it again. I was spellbound from page one till the end.Annie Ryan, 29, was happy with her life. She was dedicated to her work as an architect and didn't need a man in her life ... until she met Jack Joseph ... and the trouble beginsI was so in love with both characters, so many emotions and feelings. I don't think that the topic is as forbidden as it seems, at least not in this case. I think true love should push every boundaries, visible or not.JEM, you've done an amazing work, dealing with such a tender subject and I can a only recommend your book.

  • NLB
    2019-04-30 08:04

    3,5 StarsSomehow I didn't had an easy start into this book. I kept rereading the first lines over and over. Eventually I pushed through. I never DNF books. I know that the best parts always are in the middle and till the end.However. This book, this story, the characters were good. The Forbidden... well.. I expected more- something shocking. But it was fine.The book is mainly about people whose feelings rule their lives, actions and hearts. People who are helpless and just can't help themselves. People whose head says it's wrong, while the heart says it's right. It's about two people who fight a fight they will lose but at the same time they'll win something that is much more important.The main characters are Annie who is an architect and Jack, a contractor.Fate leads them into a bar where their story begins. Instant attraction, sparks and a connection they both can't understand brings them together. One passionate and amazing one night stand in a hotel turns their world upside down. From now on both can't keep each other from their minds. And then fate brings them together again. But the problems are: 1st: Jack is married, 2nd: They have to work together.Shocked, heartbroken and scared of the news and the continuing sparks, feelings and the intense connection, Annie tries to avoid him as much as possible. She is fighting against her heart and Jack isn't making it easier for her.Jack is also fighting... for Annie and against the things/ the person who makes his life hell. With Annie he's found himself, with Annie he is alive. But still... nothing is easy and he finds himself torn, helpless and desperate.Can two people overcome the forbidden? Can two people fight their feelings or will they break? Can they live with the threats looming? Can they find a way to happiness? Will there be a happy end?My opinion:I liked the characters. Mainly the main characters and Annie's male friend. Her girlfriends were annoying, though.As I already said-I expected more of the forbidden. The blurb said that Jack is dangerous so I was expecting him to be someone with power or him being criminal or a Mafia Boss or whatever. He wasn't though. He was pretty "normal".When they met in that bar and their story began...phew... hot...intense.. Loved it. I was totally sucked in. When I read I could "feel" their attraction, chemistry, the sparks, the everything. It was good. But till the end it lessened a bit :(I also loved how they- mainly Annie- were fighting their feelings and the connection. I loved how both struggled and how they eventually couldn't keep going like that anymore.Sometimes I could feel with them. I was grinning and laughing. I was sad and also torn. The characters seemed pretty real to me.I know some have problems with cheating. I'm not a fan of it in the real world too- of course. Therefore I liked how this book showed that cheating isn't necessarily something to hurt someone. There are always reasons and this book showed that ppl shouldn't judge ppl who cheat without knowing the reasons. Sometimes people who cheat are the ones who hurt. Up until this book I honestly thought there were no good reasons for cheating and hurting their partner on purpose. This book though had one very good one. It made it easier to understand Jack and his behaviour. SPOILER START I think worrying and being scared that someone kills themselves is a pretty good reason for cheating. Of course everyone should end a relationship if they are unhappy but Jack did it once and it didn't end well for his wife. She blackmailed and manipulated him. Not only had he go through physical abuse by her but also emotional abuse. Therefore I can understand why he didn't left her, although he was so miserable and unhappy. And then when he met Annie- she was his light. She made him happy. I could understand him being so torn. Wanting to be with the love of his life and being married and stuck to a woman who would kill herself when he would leave her. I suppose everyone would break more and more of/from it. No one would want someone else's life on their conscience. And he didn't find a solution for this situation (well he could have gotten her in a psych ward and could have involved her parents so they could have watched over her, but I suppose it was more important to have her cause some drama at the end ;) ) SPOILER ENDThe thing with his wife being pregnant... that was all predictable and also not really logical SPOILER START Jack said he didn't had sex with her in months and that she would be 4 or 5 months along. They were either stupid or I don't know. He would have seen if she would have been pregnant. Most women already have a baby bump when they are that far along. Also- why didn't he freak the f--k out and took her to a doctor? She was constantly drinking alcohol. She was drunk all the time and he just didn't care if his baby, if there would have been one, is healthy? Headshaking SPOILER ENDThe scene at the hospital when he told her the news... sad :(I'm happy with the way the story turned out. The end was nice too. Loved how the start became the end :) And I love how the end was the beginning... <3

  • Well Read Nana 1/24
    2019-04-21 09:12

    I'm sorry Ms.Malpas, I really, really wanted to love this book like I loved your "This Man Series" and I really was so happy to just have read Drew's story in" All I am ," that little add on book of the This Man Series was so great,Thank you for that story . I liked your One Night Denied series, The Protector was a bit to Whitney Houston The Bodyguard for my taste but Forbidden just was ok ,only ok. Here was the issue, Jack was a weak pathetic male character, he had so many reasons for leaving Stephanie, yet he stayed because she was a danger to herself and himself and anyone who looked at him .I just couldn't get over his God like looks yet he stays with a abusive, alcoholic, mental ill wife because he doesn't want to upset her again. He was just so weak ,a character I couldn't even relate to, he was borderline annoying and pathetic , I mean he sleeps with his wife, even in the same bed only going to the guest bedroom once when he really gets mad at her behavior, just so ridiculous. And Annie , I didn't judge her at all on her decisions that involved Jack ,I seriously judged her for judging her mom so harshly, how she couldn't control Stephanie from the whole "let's be friends thing, invading her home " and then trying to think she could handle a mentally unstable person with a wrestling match and so much more . It just got so overdone and the reading just got so cliche, I felt like I have read this same story many of times and seen a few lifetime movies just like this one.And the ending was lame ,where was the Epilogue, ??? , how about a bit of a better HEA after all that other stuff ,just left me a bit disappointed, weak Jack just didn't work for me, sorry to say , the cheating was fine because is it really cheating if it's just a pathetic excuse of a marriage to someone who is unstable ??? Just to familiar of a read, I would have liked it better if Jack had a stronger backbone and a less sorry excuse to stay in that marriage, it would have been better if it was a blackmail storyline marriage or something along those lines, anything than the lifetime story I read for me personally.

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-03 14:52

    As much as this pains me, because I love the author... I hated this book. I just love Jodi's books so much that I blindly purchased it. But it was a romance about a cheating husband who justifies it because his wife will kill herself if he tries to leave. This went on for months, her being the other woman!! Ugh!!! It just wasn't for me and I found myself skipping over most of the book just to get though it. The ending was predictable and I wished I hadn't paid so much for a book I will never read again.

  • DonnaC
    2019-05-03 09:48

    The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas3.5 stars!!!“We will be together. But at what cost?”Jodi Ellen Malpas gives one addictive read with The Forbidden. Taboo for some, crack for others and this one was definitely crack. Car crash reading where you know that the proverbial s**t will hit the fan and the question isn’t when…it is how far will that s**t fly? This was a book that I couldn’t put down, where my hands were over my eyes, dreading what would come next, but knowing it would make for entertaining reading.“If I ever lay eyes on you again, Annie, I can’t promise I’ll do what’s best and walk away next time.”This would have been a solid four star read for me had it not been for the predictable shenanigans towards the end of the book. I saw it coming a mile off and knowing the talent that Jodi Ellen Malpas is I would have thought it would have ended a bit more creatively. However, while predictable I still enjoyed it, loved the characters and the pacing was perfect.“Because everyone wants what they can’t have.”Annie was an up and coming architect who had landed her dream job. Annie worked hard and worked harder, no time for play at all in her ninety-hour weeks. Annie had sworn off men and relationships, she had no time to give and not one man in her nearly thirty years had ever turned her head, she was beginning to think there was something wrong with her.On a night out with her friends though, the unthinkable happens, the unexpected, the unwanted…a man turns her head, gives her butterflies, the chemistry sizzles, the attraction is off the charts and Annie has finally met her match…they certainly burned like one.“A match made in heaven.” I don’t allow myself to fall.This is The Forbidden, yes it does contain cheating so for those that shy away from these types of read then this is not the book for you. However, if you have an open mind, this was a novel take, it had a certain uniqueness to it that I have only read about once before. You never know what goes on behind closed doors and people are often quick to judge but sometimes all is not as it seems.“Are we supposed to let that person pass on by, turn away from someone who finds your soul and kisses it.”I loved the camaraderie between the friends and the connection between Jack and Annie was utterly believable. The dialogue was a little samey in places and the push and pull certainly validated the untenable situation that these two found themselves in. As I said above, this book was addictive, I couldn’t put it down and while around the eighty-odd percent mark there were quite a few eyerolls, I was still invested. So, while I didn’t love, love this one, I nearly did.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-21 10:46

    I loved This Man series. The first part of this book was good. I found myself skimming g the last 40% of the book. The entire book was based on a married man cheating on his wife. Another sore spot was that I paid 7.99 for this book. Most authors charge no more than 3.99. Definitely not worth the price of 7.99 or for that matter 3.99.