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Anson s army has driven Raina from the mainland, but the war is far from over From the safety of Catalina Island, she launches a guerrilla campaign, meaning to weaken him cut by cut.She finds herself matched at every step by his grimly determined lieutenant, Lowell With progress slower than expected, Raina is forced to accept the creation of a war council But the council s will to fight is weakening by the day Pressured by her enemies and from within, Raina soon finds her grip on the island slipping.But the threat of losing her people is nothing compared to the threat Ness and his alien friend Sebastian have discovered across the Pacific.____The seventh post apocalyptic Breakers novel, RELAPSE is the setup to the explosive finale of the series....

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Relapse (Breakers Book 7) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Silver
    2019-05-14 06:40

    A lot if deep characters, great plot, humor, exitement and I love the style if how the different books are aleays revolving around just a few of the people and how they finally bring things together from different angles. Now it is up to book 8. I can only recommend to start at no. 1 and get lost in this world.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-20 05:40

    weil es auf alle Bereiche des Lebens anwendbar ist, wird auch kein Band langweilig - tatsächlich fragt man sich teilweise, was die anderen (abgehandelten Charaktere) jetzt wohl machen, leicht undurchsichtig ist die zeitliche Reihenfolge - also wie lange die Alien-Invasion her ist, die die Menschheit zu 90 % auslöscht - wer jetzt denkt, ich hätte gespoilert, ist schief gewickelt, diese Reihe geht nämlich so richtig erst danach los! ;o)

  • B. Dumire
    2019-04-27 02:31

    I found the original book of this series free and read it. That began my journey with this series. It is a well written series that keeps you excited about turning each page. Somehow the author integrates a ton of people without losing fluidity. Very few books that I have read were as gritty and real life without being hokey.I love how the author mixes ideas up as he goes along and still keeps things ties together.I have completed the series and did it rather quickly due to the author's excellent writing style. There really were no dull moments and I could always imagine I was a fly on the wall (or an alien in a sub) seeing how each of the characters responded to new stimuli.I would not start with this book obviously but if you are already reading the series and continue with this book. If you have not started the series yet then by all means please go to the beginning of the series book one and start there you will not be disappointed.If you like my review, thought it was helpful or funny, then please press the Helpful button.

  • Chris0987
    2019-05-05 02:43

    If you're looking at reviews for this book you've read the rest in the series and largely know what to expect.I will say that the typos that appeared in early books in this series were either absent in this one or at least less noticeable as I don't recall any.Also, while by half way through this book I was sick of Raina and Tristan things picked up by the end and I am looking forward to starting the next in the series. I still find that Tristan has been one dimensional and not realistic since her first appearance (I actually liked her at first) and I still am rubbed the wrong way by intelligent people who were alive pre-plague so blindly following the whims of a 16 year old moon worshiper, but whatever it's still fun.

  • Chicago Sam
    2019-05-11 03:56

    Another great installment of the Breakers series. As the series moves towards it's conclusion, the action and story continue to evolve in new twists and turns. This installment had old favorites Raina, Mia, Tristan, Ness and Sebastian and introduced new characters as well. I won't spoil it by giving away any of the plot, but suffice it to say that Mr. Robertson tells quite a story. I was a little depressed when I finished the book knowing that there was only one more installment and then it will all be over....well, kind of...If you haven't started the Rebel Stars series, I highly recommend you do so. It is set in the same universe as Breakers, but 1,000 years has gone by and humanity has fully recovered from the Panhandler pandemic and Swimmer invasion. Same great story telling. I hope you all give it a go!

  • TomB
    2019-05-14 05:56

    This is another fast moving, exciting entry to the Breakers series. Book 7 of 8 so you know there will be plenty of resolution and the beginning of the conclusion to a thoroughly enjoyable series. What started way back when as a post-plague survival story has turned into something much more interesting. I cannot wait to get to the final book because I truly can't guess as to how it will all end. And I like that on top of everything else this series has going for it. Great characters, exciting fast paced story that keeps you interested. Well done.

  • J. Jason Stevens
    2019-04-23 01:43

    This is the leadup to the final book i thinki? It was amazing, richly developed recurrent characters (who can die at any time aka GRRM lol). Edward is a wonderful up and coming author you need to pay attention to! I've been with Ed and the Breakers from the start. He's writes fast paced quality stories that will hook ya and he is not too busy or aloof to take time out and say hello to his fans. In fact he did me a HUGE favor after Breakers dropped. I won't mention the exact details but suffice it to say he reached out to someone who enjoys his work but was not able to read it. A friend to all is how I'd describe Ed. Perhaps a Brandon Sanderson Junior haha. His writing has come a ways through the books but they are always entertaining and great fun to read. I'm looking forward to Ed writing a serious opius. Perhaps he has made enough of Breahers to spend a year on a book? (Knowing Amazon i somehow doubt it). Whatever Ed does i'll be waiting to read it!