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This Combo Millennium Edition includes both of the published works of Joseph Pilates Newly edited and revised, this is the only authorized copy of the Library of Congress books written by Joe Pilates It makes available in one volume all of his early Twentieth Century philosophies, principles, and theories about health and fitness, as well as the exercises, poses, and instructions fundamental to his exciting fitness program You will also learn every single one of his original 34 mat exercises taught to his own students Living testimony to the validity of his own teachings, Joseph Pilates shares in these writings his fundamental tenets of posture, body mechanics, correct breathing, spinal flexibility, physical education, and his law of natural exercises....

Title : A Pilates Primer: The Combo Millennium Edition: Return to Life Through Contrology and Your Health
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A Pilates Primer: The Combo Millennium Edition: Return to Life Through Contrology and Your Health Reviews

  • Sebastian Geiger
    2019-04-08 12:48

    gibt eine super Einblick wie Joseph Pilates sich Gedanken zum Körper gemacht hat, sollte jedoch realistisch in die heutige Zeit projiziert werden.

  • Kim Röhreke
    2019-04-11 07:40

    Tolle Texte; sehr gut zusammengestellt.Bildkopien aus den Originalen fallen wenig kontrastreich aus! Ein größeres Format wäre angemessen und wünschenswert.

  • Jasmyn Kilian
    2019-03-26 10:22

    Hier steht mal worum es beim Pilates wirklich geht. Es hat eben doch nichts mit Yoga zu tun. Kann ich jedem empfehlen der die klassiche Variante vom Pilates kennenlernen will.

  • None
    2019-04-03 08:31

    This book is a great introduction for beginners and will teach pilates veterans a thing or two. It focuses on the body, mind and personal aspects of finding the perfect pilates workout and understanding how each element of the prgram works. This book is alone enough to teach you about pilates and assist you with your home or gym pilates routine. Pilates is not easy - it takes focus and discipline but the mental spiritual and physical results beat any other exercise program out there. This book will help you help yourself.

  • Joseph O. De Luca
    2019-03-31 11:22

    As an historical review this is superb. The exercises of course are similar to the U S Army and U S Navy in the early 1900's and were even in the 1940's USMC conditioning field manuals. And yes, we now know some are harmful, such as straight leg situps and "plows". But hey, in a hundred years we'll know many of the things we do now are weird and dumb - kind of like replacing lead in gasoline (bad) with the carcinogen benzene (dumb)! So as an historical view of then current physical activity it's great. It explain his views to be active and quit sitting. That is still excellent advice. It's not absolute truth as to exercises but hey folks, there aren't any absolute truths. That's what makes physical activity fun - we learn by doing and hone our skills. And we always should be willing to change for the better which slowly and surely is happening today. But alas not fast enough - look at the obesity rate in the US! According to the CDC we are at 34.9%!!! We "sophisticated" primates should keep on moving and learning like Joseph H. Pilates said. Money well spent!

  • Margaret Maciborka
    2019-04-15 06:39

    Having this book as a reference for my newly acquired work out routine is such a help. The directions and photos make it easy to follow.

  • A Reader from Chicago
    2019-04-18 13:48

    I have the DVD "Classical Pilates Technique - The Complete Mat Workout Series", which I love. But some of the stuff wasn't totally clear to me, such as when you start breathing in some of the exercises, even though it was touched on--maybe it's just me. So I got this book. When the book is open to an exercise, each exercise has a set of four pictures on the left page and on the right page there are complete instructions. I think it is useful as it is another view of what you are trying to do, so in complements the video I have. If I could only have either the book or the video, I would pick the DVD, but the book is nice to have.A warning: Pilates, in a reference to the fact that a lot of other fitness teachers at the time were sick or had physical problems, referred to that incongruity as follows: "This is the '[N-word] in the wood pile.'" He used quotes to indicate that it was an expression, which it was at the time. This is on page 113, which is the second book within the book, originally published in 1934. Pilates himself had excellent health and was sure his system would give people excellent health.

  • Greifenklau
    2019-04-06 12:32

    This book is useful because in its first part it reproduces Joseph Pilates' own instructions and photos for his classic set of exercises. Instructions are brief, photos are mediocre, but it's useful to have this to compare with the best of contemporary instruction books like those of Siler and Ungaro. Interesting that even the teachers who teach the "classical" Pilates don't duplicate the original exercises completely. The second half of the book, philosophy about life, mind, body etc I found quite dispensable.

  • cmi
    2019-04-01 07:22

    This book is written by Pilates himself and gives a good understanding of his exercise and health philosophy. It’s very informative and I have found with practice I can do most of the exercises, my posture is better and my core is stronger. Also I am more flexible and have more mobility in my neck and spine, definitely positive results.