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32 classic big wave surfing stories from the sport s pioneers John Long s classic collection of big wave surfing stories heralded a new era in surfing literature Focusing on those elite athletes who live to challenge the ocean s fury, The Big Drop is than just another surfing book It is both an extraordinary collection of thirty two true tales and a treasure trove of insight into the evolution of big wave surfing with particular focus on the pioneers of the 1950s and 1960s and the skills necessary to challenge huge waves Providing a comprehensive look at the sport s eras, locations, and legends, with a host of stunning images and a glossary of surfing terms, it is a truly unforgettable look at the obsession of those who face down monstrous waves Revealing the tantalizing and terrifying truth about riding big waves, The Big Drop is a must for any surfer inclined to tackle large surf in thought or in fact....

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The Big Drop: Classic Big Wave Surfing Stories Reviews

  • Rick Spell
    2019-03-28 11:02

    Not just a surfing book but focusing on the Big Wave surfing crew, that elite group of athletes that live to challenge the ocean's fury. This is a collection of short stories but it does a great job of covering the total history of Big Wave surfing, particularly paying attention to the heroes of the 50s and 60s the water skills necessary to challenge large waves. With complete coverage and analysis of all big wave sites and legends, I can't imagine what it left unturned.

  • Thom Mitchell
    2019-03-30 13:23

    A great compilation from a variety of writers - many of them surfers themselves including Greg Noll, the late Mark Foo, Gerry Lopez, et al. This book doesn't pretend to be exhaustive but all the stories provide the reader with something intangible. I've never ridden anything bigger than double-overhead but with this book I can begin to imagine what it might be like. The pictures throughout the book convey the power and size effectively.

  • Nan R.
    2019-04-11 11:59

    I don't think it's been read yet, my husband tried to get

  • Kristine Hansen
    2019-04-19 10:08

    The Big Drop was written in 1999, which makes it a little older than some of the books but it's a doozy. I also bought The Big Juice which I'll read next and I just finished Ghost Wave which is long and rather involved but fascinating.

  • S. Scherpenberg
    2019-04-03 09:13

    The Big Drop is by John Log. This book is a wonderful surfing book full of very colorful stories told by the people that had surfed the waves, or were there at the moment if the person had died. The way the people tell the stories make it feel like you are there feeling their pain. If you do not feel like reading the book then you might just want to get the movie Riding Giants. About fifty percent of the movie Riding Giants is in the book. In the book there is a colorful picture almost every chapter of the people riding the wave. I would defiantly recommend the book to anyone, especially if you like to surf. The book also teaches you a lot about surfing vocabulary and even has a couple pages at the end that are the glossary, in case you don't know the terms of surfing. The Big Drop shows the dangers of surfing and makes you wonder why people even risk their life just for a little thrill. I would give this book 9 out of 10, because there are some stories in there that aren't very interesting compared to others in the book. There is only a couple of the stories that are not as interesting, so it does not take away from the book at all.

  • Peter Pohl
    2019-04-13 12:10

    I am a grom, at the age of 17 right now, and I rarely read a book cover to cover.I've always been interested in big wave surfing, but never the old timer stuff. This book has revealed the truth about riding big waves in and interesting perspective to the new generation such as myself, and I will never forget some of the stories in here. I reccomend that if you're a surfer, and are even remotely interested in attempting to tackle large surf, that you pick up this book. It will give you second thoughts about venturing out at places like Mavericks, Waimaii Bay, and Todos Santos.

  • Fred Hemmings
    2019-04-11 09:25

    John Long cronicles events in big wave riding history. In reporting on the epic 1974 SMIRNOFF contest he repeats a inaccurate version of what happened early that morning. The fantasized version of what happened that morning first turned up in Hakmans book by Phil Jarratt. I wish Long had talk to me about it. In the interest of honest history here is what really happened. Fred Hemmings was ANXIOUS to stage the event in the biggest surf ever. Veteran Peter Cole was chiding Fred "not send send the surfers out, someone would get killed" Some contestants were reluctant and begining to balk. Hemmings challenged the competitors...saying if he (Hemmings) went out and snagged a thundering mountain of water to prove it could be done, would they compete? The rest is history. For the record I probably would not have gone was to big. The bluff worked and the contest was held in the biggest surf ever. Unfortunately LONG repeats a inaccurate version of what happened. Aloha, Fred Hemmings References; Randy Rarick, Mark Richards and others who were there.

  • crabman
    2019-04-06 13:18

    Wonderful stories, mostly awe inspiring and same sad, of and by the surfing legends up to the 1999 date of publishing. Selected and edited by one the big wall climbing legends of Yosemite who writes (paraphrased): what I saw (huge waves) made me wish I had taken up a sport other than climbing; the next thing I saw made me glad I was a climber.