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SHORTLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2017WINNER OF A SOMERSET MAUGHAM AWARD A quiet explosion of a book, exquisite and unforgettable The Economist A cleverly constructed rural Gothic fable Elmet is a marvellous achievement TLS Pastoral idyll, political expos , cosy family saga and horror tale, it reads like a traditional children s story that turns into a gangster film Hansel and Gretel meets The Godfather Sunday TimesDaniel is heading north He is looking for someone The simplicity of his early life with Daddy and Cathy has turned menacing and fearful They lived apart in the house that Daddy built for them in the woods with his bare hands They foraged and hunted Cathy was like their father fierce and full of simmering anger Daniel was like their mother gentle and kind Sometimes, their father disappeared, and would return with a rage in his eyes But when he was at home, he was at peace He told them that the little copse in Elmet was theirs alone But that wasn t true Local men, greedy and watchful, began to circle like vultures All the while, the terrible violence in Daddy grew.Brutal and beautiful in equal measure, Elmet is a compelling portrayal of a family living on the fringes of contemporary society, as well as a gripping exploration of the disturbing actions people are capable of when pushed to their limits....

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  • PaulaNZ
    2019-05-07 09:42

    I could Mitchell this was set in England until it was literally said. Or rather Scotland I should say. It did not fit any cultural context but sat somewhere in a mystical utopia world inhabited by bear size men and evil landlords. Told by a too obviously gender neutral narrator and rather obviously aimed at a continuing story with film rights for my taste.

  • 1001Pandas
    2019-04-23 12:27

    Elmet hat mich ganz in seinen Bann gezogen; ich habe es nur ungern aus der Hand gelegt. Die Schilderung der ungewöhnlichen 3-Personenfamilie, ihres Verhaltens untereinander und mit den Menschen im Umfeld ist fesselnd, die Charaktere sind dreidimensional und glaubhaft. Der Aufbau der düsteren Handlung ist überzeugend gelungen. Fiona Mozley hätte für Elmet den Man Booker Preis verdient.

  • Liz
    2019-05-04 09:39

    Elmet is a timeless story of class in rural England. It could have happened one hundred or more years ago. It is happening now in the Yorkshire village of Elmet. A man who owns the land, countless acres of forest, decides the lives of the poor who need a place to live and to scrape out a living. Daniel, a fourteen-year-old boy, narrates his family's painful saga. Daniel lives with his father and his sister. They once lived with his grandmother, but the kids bullied Daniel and Cathy. John, the father, took them out of school and moved far away to a forest.John and his children carved out space in the forest and eventually built a house, made entirely from their hands. They lived off of hunting, foraging and a small garden that Daniel kept. John took Daniel and Cathy to a friend's house in the mornings for a bit of tutoring. It was a haphazard approach to education. Daniel became close to Vivienne and loved his mornings with her, talking about all the things in the world he had never seen. Daniel's knowledge of the world was limited to his memories of his mother, his grandmother's house, and the fantastic stories Vivienne told about world events.The children were innocent in the ways of the world, entirely dependent on their father's brawn to provide for them and the loving closeness of their family to nurture their souls. John Price, the wealthy landowner, intrudes in their quiet life and turns it upside down.It is at the hands of the greedy Price and his sons that the poor people of the area, particularly John and his children, suffer because they have no choice in life but to work with the very little they have. Price has no sympathy for the underemployed men who live as his tenants. The hired henchmen collect the rent or throw the tenants into the street. The saga comes to a head when Price accuses John of a crime he did not commit.Elmet offers an intimate and painful knowledge of life in the rural north that hasn't changed much in hundreds of years. It is a microcosm of the suffering going on there and in other places in the world today. Fiona Mozley writes with authority and a genuine feel for this family and many like them. I was happy to read this novel, one I will not quickly forget.

  • Mary Lins
    2019-04-21 15:36

    It's unusual for a first novel to become shortlisted for the prestigious Man Booker Award, but Fiona Mozley has done it this year with "Elmet". From Wikipedia: " Elmet was an area of what later became the West Riding of Yorkshire and an independent Brittonic kingdom between about the 5th century and early 7th century."Although the novel is sent in present day, it reads like a medieval Fairy Tale, not in magical terms, but in tone, iconic plot and characters, and the haunting, direct-article bereft, Yorkshire dialect. Daniel, a young teen, is our first-person narrator. He and his slightly older sister Cathy (a la Hazel and Gretel), live with their "widower" father, John (a Giant, a Woodsman), in a secluded forest in Yorkshire. John often participates in (illegal) Bare-knuckle Boxing matches for money. Enter the Evil Landlord and his slimy sons (Ogre plus Trolls). Thus we are set up for a showdown of good verses evil.Although that all sounds simplistic, that's not the case. Mozely raises it all to true literature through her poetic prose and her sumptuous and stunning descriptions of the Yorkshire forests. These are characters we immediately care about, especially Daniel, and his personal journey to find himself, as well as his physical journey in search of this his sister. I can't wait to read more from this gifted writer. 4.5 stars!

  • Marjorie Cunningham
    2019-05-05 12:35

    15-year-old Cathy and 13-year-old Daniel have been living with their grandmother but when she dies, their father moves them to a land to which their family has some ties and builds a home for them there. Their father, John, is a huge, strong man who sometimes will enter into a prize fight to earn some money. He once worked as an enforcer for Mr. Price, the evil landlord of the story. While there’s a violent side to John, there also is a very gentle one. Their secluded life is fractured when Price starts questioning their right to remain on this land.I’m feeling very conflicted about how I feel about this book. So many parts of it are 5 stars for me. And yet I’m left with too much confusion. I usually don’t mind a book that doesn’t tie up all the loose ends. But this one just leaves me with far too many questions. It’s almost skeletal in nature, the bare bones of the story. And yet I couldn’t tear myself away, compulsively wanting to know more. I think I would like to re-read this book in time but read it with the knowledge that it’s partly a surreal fairy tale. I think my first reading had too much of a realistic outlook and that’s why I was left hung up on many of the details.It’s gorgeously written, intensely suspenseful and very moving.Shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize.Recommended.