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BR A well loved, classic tale of adventure Read this and you ll find yourself recommending it to friends again and again This is the story of Barbara and Larry Savage s sometimes dangerous, often zany, but ultimately rewarding 23,000 miles global bicycle odyssey, which took them through 25 countries in two years Miles From Nowhere is an adventure not to be missed Along the way, these near neophyte cyclists encountered warm hearted strangers eager to share food and shelter, bicycle hating drivers who shoved them off the road, various wild animals including a roof ape and an attack camel , sacred cows, rock throwing Egyptians, overprotective Thai policeman, motherly New Zealanders, meteorological disasters, bodily indignities, and great personal joys The stress of traveling together constantly for two years tested and ultimately strengthened the young couple s relationship.As their trip ends you ll find yourself yearning for Barbara and Larry to mount back up and keep pedaling It s a story that makes you feel like you ve grown right along with the author....

Title : Miles from Nowhere: A Round the World Bicycle Adventure
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Miles from Nowhere: A Round the World Bicycle Adventure Reviews

  • Ramblin Rob
    2019-03-25 07:19

    Only a 5-star rating? It deserves 10+. Give it two thumbs up and you wish you had more thumbs than fingers to convey the struggles, joys, highs and lows that this young married couple endure. I laughed out loud at some points, forced myself to put it down and go to bed only to click on the light again and continue reading past 2 a.m., yes, it's that good of a read for anyone who rides a bike and dreams of what lies beyond the next horizon.

  • Clemence R Parkin
    2019-04-20 10:40

    "Miles from Nowhere" is my favorite of the several bicycle touring books (and most other books) I have read. The fact that it is my only book that my wife has read is evidence of it worth. After I read it, my wife and I read it out loud to each other and we laughed all the way through it -- and cried at the end. Barbara writes like she thinks and talks, which is refreshing and keeps you wondering -- but more than just wondering what they are going to run into around the next corner. They peddle around the world, making it up as they go, and undergo a lifetime of experiences from marriage crisis, life-threatening encounters, human dramas and wonderful people stories; and, they do it all with 10-speeds before the bicycles and gadgetry caught on. I believe you should read it even if you are not interested in bicycling -- it is that good.

  • William M
    2019-03-25 09:23

    Though in places, she seems to percieve local people as complete angels or total nincompoops, there's still a lot to like in this narrative. She's candid about her feelings, throughout, and about the conditions she (and her fellow travelers) encountered in so many places around the world. It's no Pollyanna dreamscape, nor is it a cynical diatribe - it's a revealing exploration of what it was really like for her to ride across the U.S. and through so many different countries nearly 50 years ago.

  • Rev Jerry
    2019-04-16 05:36

    I have a small library of bike touring books, ranked left to right from favorites to least favorites. This one is close to last on the right. The author died as the result of a bike crash prior to publication of the book. I have no desire to be unkind, but I found her prejudices about people in certain areas of the country (Florida in particular) to be off-putting. I might finish reading it one of these days.

  • mld
    2019-04-20 05:28

    Maybe it is because I love to travel to places off the beaten path, maybe it is because I love cycling, or maybe it is because I too am a young woman from Santa Barbara, but I just loved this book! I'm writing this review while on vacation in Mexico, and with no television, I literally had to force myself to put the book down every day so that I could savor it and make it last as long as possible. I loved their attitudes, I love that they weren't overly prepared, and I couldn't get over how well written it was, especially considering, as far as I know, Barbara wasn't a writer and was in her late 20s or early 30s when she wrote it. After reading it I wanted so badly to talk to Larry or Geoff, to keep the story going and find out what happened to them. How did Larry deal with the death of this woman he had grown so close to? It's such a wonderful yet tragic love story, and I feel blessed that Barbara shared it with us. I'm so glad Barbara and Larry had the courage to go out and live their lives before Barbara's life came to an early end. Thanks for a wonderful story Barbara, your story will live on in my heart and the hearts of all of us who read it!

  • Ivan's girl
    2019-04-13 11:36

    fabulous book! a great read even if i did have to be talked into reading it.......... my family agreed it was a wonderful book as well, and i had to twist some arms to get them to read it too. It doesn't really sound like a bicycle adventure would be that interesting, but it was a very captivating read.... plus it was written in the 1970's which was cool as well, i think perhaps adventures were probably safer back then.

  • Seachranaiche
    2019-03-27 13:43

    I give "Miles From Nowhere" four stars rather than five only because during the course of such a long and trying bicycle adventure, Barbara Savage and her husband, Larry, must have experienced depths of emotion that Savage simply did not explore in the book. She covered some high points and some low points, but I never came to feel that I knew them or fully understood their motivations. Also absent, for a book more than twenty years old (and now considered a classic of adventure travel), was any updated or epilogue information about their lives after their ride. We know that Barbara Savage was tragically (astoundingly, ironically) killed on her bicycle within the few years of their return, but adventures of this magnitude do not end just with a return airplane ticket. The adventure, you see, is not about bicycling around the world, but rather, about Barbara and Larry Savage themselves.