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Following up on the phenomenal success of their backcountry ski and backpacking books, Allen O Bannon and Mike Clelland here provide a thoroughly revised and updated edition of their likewise popular Allen Mike s Really Cool Telemark Tips, which first appeared in 1998 For anyone who s ever yearned to master the subtleties of the telemark turn, this book includes than 120 clear, concise telemark tips complemented by often hilarious and always helpful illustrations For beginners and experts alike, it is a must for tele skiers who really want to shred In the decade since the original publication of Allen Mike s Really Cool Telemark Tips, telemark skiing has evolved enormously It s entered a modern era, and this new edition reflects the new gear, the new teaching, and the new style of tele skiing....

Title : Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips, Revised and Even Better!: 123 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Tele-Skiing (Allen & Mike's Series)
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Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips, Revised and Even Better!: 123 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Tele-Skiing (Allen & Mike's Series) Reviews

  • Jessie
    2019-04-23 14:29

    I haven't read the whole thing, but this book is awesome. I try to look through it before ski trips or seasons and pick on or two tips to work on. Good way to focus on a couple of points. I also felt like it helped me understand how to tele better. My dad is an amazing telemark skiier (I am a terrible all kinds of skiier), and he was the one who originally taught me. However, through no fault of his, I misunderstood some of the basic positioning/weighting/etc, and this really helped me to understand what he was trying to teach me. I highly recommend this, especially if you are just starting.

  • FormerlyAGaulzetti
    2019-05-15 15:34

    This book is really well done; there are lots of fun and humorous illustrations and accompanying text with helpful little tele tips. If you are new to telemark skiing (as I am) this is a great little book. If you are already a good telemark skier there are some good tips and advice for you too. This book's illustrations are really fun and explain the text well. This book's tips range from really basic to really hard, from good basic tele form to skiing tele backwards. It's a great quick read, and you don't have to read it in the order given. Another fun aspect of this book is a flow chart which helps you decide which tips you should be working on. A nice read for the drive up to your ski resort. I can't wait to read the authors' book about backcountry skiing.

  • AL
    2019-04-22 13:45

    This book has good illustrations on why it is important to have visuals while learning telemark skiing vs alpine skiing. Good varying exercises are provided focusing single techniques and more for proper telemark position. The illustrations are better for me to visualize certain techniques and why they are important as also repeated in the 'Free-Heel Skiing: Telemark and Parallel Techniques' by Paul Parker.

  • Samuel H Thompson
    2019-05-09 16:47

    Excellent illustrations throughout. If you're starting to learn the telemark turn and are a visual learner, skip "Free-Heel Skiing" by Paul Parker and go straight to Allen and Mike's book. Parker's text is great if you've never been on skis before... alpine or tele... but if you've already got the fundamentals and are switching to a free heel, Allen and Mike's book probably will be more useful. That's what I found, at least.

  • spodaddyo
    2019-05-03 13:49

    Yes, everyone really is impressed with tele skiing - it's true! This book is full of fun and helpful tips and illustrations. I think this is the book that launched the Allen and Mike empire. If it's not, it should be. Everyone needs Allen and Mike!

  • James Waldron
    2019-04-28 08:48

    If you want to learn about telemark skiing, this is the go-to book. Every season I give it another read, and each year it teaches me something new.

  • btsunpower
    2019-04-23 15:29

    Very helpful tips for the tele-skier who wishes to improve his game. Written with a nice sense of humor combined with some very basic , and not so basic, tips which should help anyone make it down with more skill and confidence. Highly recommended!

    2019-05-18 15:32

    I'd heard some good things about Allen and Mikes Really cool Telemark Tips but it wasn't till I read it myself that I realised just how cool the tips are. Everytime you open to a page it has a new handy hint on how to improve you turns. They think about skiing in the same way as I do, not too serious, but fun to improve.