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Nuclear war has devastated America, except for the valley where Ann Burden has been living alone for over a year until Loomis, a scientist in a radiation proof suit, arrives She hopes they will be companions but his behaviour towards her becomes increasingly threatening as he attacks her and then cuts off her food supply and tries to bring her under his control Although there may be no one else alive, Ann steals his suit and leaves the valley in search of humanity....

Title : Z For Zachariah (Puffin Teenage Fiction)
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ISBN : 9780141300313
ISBN13 : 978-0141300313
Format Type : Hardback
Language : Englisch, Spanisch
Publisher : Puffin Auflage New Ed 26 Februar 1998
Number of Pages : 192 Seiten
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Z For Zachariah (Puffin Teenage Fiction) Reviews

  • R. Engstler
    2019-04-16 15:06

    Das Buch bietet eine gut lesbare Endzeitlektüre. Habe mir das Buch gekauft, obwohl ich sonst nicht in Englisch lese. Das Buch bietet ein klassisches Endzeitszenario, ohne Hollywoodaction, dafür mit einer realistischen Schilderung, aus dem Blickwinkel einer jungen Überlebenden.

  • olga  holstein
    2019-03-28 18:11

    Meine Tochter hat dieses Buch für die Schule gebraucht.Zum Inhalt kann ich nicht viel sagen.Der Verkäufer meinte es wäre neuwertig,dass haben wir so nicht empfunden.Die Seiten sind ziemlich vergilbt.Für den Preiss wäre es uns egal gewesen ,ob neuwertig oder nicht.Für jemanden,der Wert auf ein besser erhaltenes Buch gelegt hätte nur ärgerlich.

  • TeensReadToo
    2019-04-14 18:13

    Sixteen-year-old Ann Burden has been living on her own for a year, since the nuclear bombs turned everything surrounding her little valley into a wasteland, and her parents drove out to find other survivors... and never came back. Knowing she may be the only person left, Ann struggles with her loneliness and tends to the farm as best she can. But then a man comes over the hills in a protective suit and arrives in the valley. At first he provides Ann with welcome companionship, but as he recovers from a bout of radiation sickness, his actions become more sinister.Z FOR ZACHARIAH is an intense, heart-pounding read. From the moment Ann first sees smoke rising from beyond the valley, each development wrenches her further and further from the life she's adjusted to--seemingly for good, and then with terrible consequences. The pacing is perfect, and with the story being told through Ann's journal entries, every event feels immediate. The personal details and unflinching descriptions of life after a nuclear war make the story even more gripping. As the tension escalates, readers will find it incredibly hard to put the book down before they discover Ann's ultimate fate. While the story leaves this somewhat open-ended, Ann's ultimate victory will make them cheer.Ann is a likable narrator, with a natural voice and a well-developed personality. It's easy to sympathize with her based on her situation alone, but she is all the more admirable for refusing to give up even in the most desperate circumstances. She deals with her problems with intelligence and courage, but still has those moments of carelessness and fear that make her human. Readers will be on her side from the beginning, even as they struggle to imagine how they would feel in her place. Though her final triumph involves some loss, it's clear Ann will persevere and find a way to survive and be happy, which makes the ending satisfying.Z FOR ZACHARIAH is a story that will haunt readers long after they've put down the book. It shows both the good and the bad that can emerge from human nature in the face of catastrophe, and gives hope that even in the worst situations, there are those who will remain strong.Reviewed by: Lynn Crow

  • None
    2019-03-31 11:05

    The novel Z for Zachariah kept me interested every chapter. It takes place after a nuclear war in a valley which had not been affected by the radiation that had destroyed the rest of the world. Ann Burden, the main character, is the only one left alive in the valley, but then a man in a plastic suite comes. Before he gets to her home, she goes away to a cave on the mountains and spies on him to learn what he was like. After a few days, Ann notices he is sick, so she comes down and takes care of him. She learns his name is John Loomis and that the suite he was wearing was to keep the radiation away. To be able to keep alive, Ann works on the fields next to her home, milks the cows, and gets canned food from a store. Mr. Loomis starts to become more demanding of Ann as he improves and notices that he will be able to live through his terrible sickness. Ann discovers that he is not really being that good to her. Then, something unexpected happens, which dramatically changes the story. I thought this book was really good. Even though the idea of the novel seems kind of simple, Z for Zachariah is worthwhile reading because there is always something going on and it is quite realistic. It is pretty easy to read and understand and there is not much confusing about it. I thought the end was well done, and a sequel should be written. It is written in a diary type form, where Ann is the one who writes the diary entries. One thing I do not like about it is that the short summary on the back of the book tells what happens at the end, which kind of spoils the plot. I would really recommend anyone to read Z for Zachariah, it is really worth it.

  • None
    2019-04-15 12:11

    The good thing about this book is it starts out right in the action, thats what I like about books. This book starts you out in a families valley that they live in. Everything is going well when suddenly a strange green cloud peaks at the tip of the valley. The parents of Ann Burden(the main-character telling the story) tell her that they are going out of the valley and into town to see what happened. They go out but they never come back. But before they left, her brother jumped into the back of the truck without the parents knowing. The dog loves the boy so much that it runs after him and it never comes back either until the middle of the book. But while this is all going on she is getting a long all by herself when a figure keeps getting closer and closer to the valley. She investigates to find it to be a scientist who has a biochemical suit. It protects him from the radiation. She hides in a cave because she is afraid that he might do something to her. It is a very good book to read.I think the book is very good and keeps your attention. The only bad thing is that it is not a good book for someone who is not over 12 because you really can't understand some of the technical terms but thats about it.I recommend this book to any student interested in a science-fiction novel and it would interest anybody else who would be interested in what the world may very well be like in the next century. I also recommend this book to teachers because they might be interested in sharing this book with the class. It is a real mindboggler in how the plot takes you right into the story.